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Normchacho said:

No no, you have that backwards. It is by definition 100% VR, you are just allowed to keep thinking it's not. Just be aware that you are making the conscious choice to remain ignorant.

The insistance in lowering the level of the conversation is running dangerously close on infringing the forum rules there, if not done already.

If your argument is to say i'm ignorant, you no longer have an argument. If it was 100% VR we would all be jumping in it like crazy and every company would be crazy releasing products for it with full confidance.

This new VR is as much VR as the Virtual Boy. A bit better in resolution and image, but still the same interface. Now, please go enjoy it if its what you want, but stop trying to convince me of what its not. In a few years, when this whole thing flops, remember to think back at this point, and who you thought was ignorant.