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Munkeh111 said:
Nem said:

They keep claiming we will get it this year, but we have heard nothing, so i'm not believing it. 

We already have release dates for games coming in the first quarter of 2016, so i'm thinking persona has been pushed to Q2 2016 already. I just wish they would inform us. It makes it difficult to plan the purchase.

By that you mean one can't buy any games in the few months after becuse we'll still be playing the game

I can't see how they won't update us on the game here, though I do suspect bad news. Being in the UK also makes me worry about further delays... I guess I'll just actually finish P3P


Personally, I plan to take a few days off from work when the game is released (I know that I won' t be able to put the controller down for a while, so...). I want to know the release date ASAP for that :D


I have to finish P3 FES and PQ too. P4DAN is also coming...