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mornelithe said:
Marks said:

Haven't heard anything about that before. All I know is that Belichick and Brady are fucking cheaters. Would they have still won the superbowl without underinflated balls? Probably, but they're still pussies for doing it. 

Makes sense, not many people talked about it:









Also, try reading a bit on this topic, like...the actual documents that're publicly available, even the Judge wasn't confident in the evidence to say anything more than 'alleged', regarding ball deflation.  Frankly, it seems more cowardly to assume you know anything, without even educating yourself first.


Okay well I just randomly picked two QB's to mention, I didn't put any thought into saying Brees and Rodgers, so no need for the power trip, bro. But you're dodging the topic at hand, Belickick is a proven cheating fuckbag, and Brady is still a prettyboy cheating douche as well. 

And unless you're actually from New England or have ties to the area, anyone that likes the Pats from the past 10 years is a fucking bandwagoning loser anyways. 

- M, Carl