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ps3-sales! said:

I don't understand it. And this includes everything. From PC games, to console games, to handheld, to music and movies. 

What's the big deal? Everybody (from this site at least) talks all high and mighty about "Oh piracy is terrible you aren't supporting the industry blah blah blah"

Oh please. 

With some things such as independent games/music; I can understand. Usually produced by a small amount of people they rely on sales to pay their bills. 

But for other things: mainstream music, movies, games ect. The stigma is silly. 

You can't sit there and tell me if I pirate the yearly Madden or Call of Duty game like that's actually going to make a difference. Or if I download Rihanna/Jay Z's new album. THOSE PEOPLE ARE RICH AS FUCK. 

These people are millionaires. Could I afford to pay for the 30+ GB of music on my computer? Um no. (However I do pay for Spotify because it's awesome)

What about Jailbreaking your Iphone? I would consider that piracy. Or modding any old console. Lke seriously. 

Some people act like it's the end of the world and the worst part is YOU PROBABLY HAVE DONE PIRACY AT LEAST ONCE.

Stop acting so high and mighty. Would the industry fail if everyone pirated things? Duh. Will that ever happen? No.


EDIT: Glad there is at least a discussion so far. I would like to clear up one issue. While I will emulate games, mod old consoles (Wii, Iphone, ect) I do not pirate new games. I buy all my Ps4 games (mostly digitally). I am not trying to excuse my pirating history. But I will say that I support my Ps4 and the video game industry as a whole. I never have any intention to buy/own any game/music/movie that I pirate. Just wanted to clear that up.

First things first, modding is not the same as pirating or stealing. It is not illegal since you bought a product and are allowed to do what you want with it (it may break warranty labels, but that's dependant on the company).

Second, why is it fair that I but a game at full price and you pirate it for free? To pirate a game is to steal it. Plain and simple. You are not excused from stealing just because you only steal from the rich.

"but what if I get hard to get games or old games from older consoles?" I'm sorry, but you are still in the wrong. Such company may have plans to announce backwards compatibility, remakes/remasters, or ports. Or they just want to end said franchise. Whatever the reason, they have every right to do so.

I admit, I have pirated before, but I don't try to excuse myself for it, nor do I plan to do so for major titles