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LuckyTrouble said:
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ArchangelMadzz said:
You're right as a singular. But piracy is why some games do not come to PC, and why some games are always online.

An activity is inherently bad if done at mass would be detrimental.

And why they have ever more invasive DRM schemes.

You all realize a lot of games haven't come to PC before because PC development is more involved than console development, right? It is far, far more technical than it has ever been legal. A lot of developers are still learning PC development, now that it's clear that it's a platform viable for all types of games. We've had quite a few shaky PC ports this past decade from developers taking their first or second stab at PC development, as well as outsourcing to developers that haven't done PC porting before. Blaming piracy for developers not wanting to deal with PC development may be the silliest excuse I have ever heard.

Always online and other forms of DRM are ways of treating piracy as more detrimental than it ever has been or ever will be, and it is ultimately an afterthought during development.

I hope you're aware that before we had shaky PC ports there where no console ports of those games at all. Seriously before the PS360 era PC games and console games where basically 2 different worlds with just a rare port between those 2 worlds here and there, in almost all cases sports/racing or licensed games. With the 7th gen being powerful enough to keep up even with high-end PCs in the beginning and the architectures getting closer and closer (DirectX 9 compatible graphics chips), loads of previously PC-only series made the jump to consoles to get away from piracy, and only a select few made it the other way around (street figher and Mortal Kombat, but that's it basically).

And if you go even further down in history, just check what killed the Commodore 64/128 and Amiga and Ataris ST line in the late 80s/early 90s. No one wanted to devolop games for them anymore because piracy basically killed both most of the retail market and drove the prices to extreme lows (10$ and less) because they couldn't get them sold at any higher prices anymore. Which in turn wasn't worth the effort anymore, as that pricetag wasn't enough to cover the costs, let alone make a profit.