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StarOcean said:
Samus Aran said:
StarOcean said:
@Title No, Splatoon cannot and will not. This whole explosion of hope for the game reminds me when people thought MK8 would make the Wii U competitive in the west it isn't going to happen, people are really creating unrealostic expectations for this IP.

Splatoon has been shattering every expectation so far and has been serving sour grapes since E3 2014 (not refering to you here).

Still has yet to shatter mine. Some make it seem like this is the new Mario or Pokemon destined to sell 50million per game. It isn't. It makes sense it'd sell well, it has good marketing and a game in the summer with little to no competition, it selling well really isn't a surprise. If it was sold during the holiday season the numbers would look quite different.

Splatoon will get a nice boost during the holiday season. :)

The game is tracking ahead of Mario Kart in Japan, that's huge.