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Its pretty awesome, probably the smoothest launch I have experienced from MS! I really like the whole black theme and what they have done with the start menu. It is also pretty fast an snappy! The multi-desktop is also pretty neat

Edge is interesting and fast but I will stick with Firefox since u can't really drag and drop pictures onto vgc and it will take a while for Edge to catch up to Firefox and chrome in terms of extensions but I might switch one day provided it remains good.

Cortana is not available in Canada.... Da faq MS

The new photoviewer and video player are a nice improvement to the old one but the music player is ehh at best. No EQ or Visualizer (least not from my exp) is pretty lame. Thankfully, WMP is still avaliable

In terms of driver issues, my audio driver's enhancement software called "Maxx Audio" doesn't really work but hopefully that will be fixed. I do have audio just not the enhancer.

Games work properly and yea, overall, I got no issues with software! Specially my sex games and plocale which is needed to run all dem sex games work properly which is epic!!!! Those, along with my other japanese games which aren't ment to be played in the west generally get rekt during an upgrade but not this time around!

So overall, 9/10 so far!


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