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At long last, NASA found a planet just as hospitable as Earth! But it may be wrong to label it Earth 2.0...

The facts:

Its (Kepler-452b's) distance from its Sun is similar to our Earth's distance from our Sun.

It is 60% larger than Earth.

Kepler's Sun is more than 6 billion years old and is 1.5 billion years older than our Sun. Therefore Kepler 452b is older than our Earth! So maybe we're Earth 2.0  or Kepler-452b 2.0

Its oceans are getting dried up because of runaway greenhouse effect.  Reread the link below to double check this but couldn't find it. Must have read it somewhere else?

It's 1400 light years away.

More from NASA: http://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-kepler-mission-discovers-bigger-older-cousin-to-earth

So it's too far away and its water is drying up but its amazing to find the first planet just as similar as Earth! We can only imagine what sort of intelligent creatures lived there and if they escaped the planet before its current green house problem. And who knows if they had beings who gazed on our solar system as well?