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sc94597 said:
obieslut said:
meh how stupid. you no say that them are just hatters who dont want the crown to go to a violent hardcore game lol. well OoT is going to have to get a few more reviews with a 100% rating to beat th ps3 version of GTA IV

 You still don't know if gta IV is going to go down in ratings for sure. 

OP I like others don't believe OoT is the best game of all time, but neither is Gta IV. I had more fun playing OoT than the few hours I've been playing GTA IV. I believe it deserves it more than GTA IV , but if you look at other games it doesn't.  

I whole heartedly agree with you.


PS. IF i misspelled the word above please tell me the proper way to spell it.

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