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Hedra42 said:
sc94597 said:

I think from his question he obviously doesn't view autistic as an insult and in fact thinks it has positive advantages. So he probably wouldn't feel all that bad to be honest. Nobody was diagnosing him anyways. There is just the assumption that he has some type of history with autism to pose the question in the first place. Either with himself, or a family member or friend.

@ underlined: There were 3 posts in this thread, one of them from you, suggesting that this kid was autistic.

The "normal child experience" is whatever you think it is. I don't label people into categories of normal and abnormal unless we are talking about Gaussian distributions and a specific trait. Having said that, I think the speech impediments are not generally considered as normal by others.

Speech impediments don't necessarily indicate abnorbalities. With regards to the girl with a rhotacism, (inability to pronounce the letter 'r') it is considered to be one of the last sounds a child learns to pronounce, and some people never do manage to pronounce it. I'm not sure where you're based, but over here we have a T.V. presenter who is well known for that particular speech impediment. It means nothing.

The boy with the lisp - this is very common. Boxer Chris Eubank is very famous for his lisp. It means nothing.

I only heard one other speech problem and the nature of it wasn't clear, since we didn't see the individual. Without more information,  I cannot judge.

Okay, well your point is misplaced. I was specifically talking about the instance when a disorder was brought up, not the various instances where it was not.

My point was initially posted in response to a comment by -CraZed- , which had hinted at diagnosing the kids from the footage, took the thread title literally and then went on to accuse the OP of saying that Notch sold Minecraft because of special needs kids posing cumbersome questions to him. My point was that neither the video nor the thread were targetting or making fun of disabled children. Interesting you should say that it was misplaced, since you quoted and commented on it the first time, and then made the exact same point yourself, later on.

But I think since we're generally in agreement that it isn't the intentions of the video compiler and the OP of the thread that are the problem, it's the ignorance of many of the people who posted remarks on YouTube and in this thread, we can leave it there.

Responses in bold.

Stating a possibility based on inductive logic is not diagnosing somebody. Please become more familiar with the word "diagnosis." 

The speech impediment is an "abnormality" because the majority of people don't have one. There is a reason why such children go through speech therapy. It doesn't mean it is any less real or any less different because it might go away some day. 

You are confounding two separate quote trees. Your original quote in this one is with regards to my quote to ArchangelMaddz. Please review it.