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krippaz said:
TruckOSaurus said:

Never played it on console. I don't think I'd like the control scheme. I logged over 400 hours on the PC version, to me Diablo has always been a PC experience and the game has extras on PC like Seasons (and I didn't know about cheaters on PS4 but it does sound terrible).

Yes I am sad to say the Ps4 version of D3 is good but....all cheaters on high lvl. Miss my PC version but dont remember anything and start from scratch is to hard


Cheaters like some of the ones in this thread are the reason i don't play anymore.  I refuse to play with cheaters,  and when my friendslist cheats i have to play alone. 


It also kinda demoralizes me that i platted the hands legit and people are warning the same plat via cheats. I have a buddy that would reload his hardcore save file every time he died.