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padib said:
oniyide said:

its been expressed time and time again for years now. There is nothing possible about it. Sony has worked more closely with 3rd parties than Ninty has, these are facts. And the biggest factor in why one company's product is getting more support than another. IMHO thats more reasonble than some conspiracy against Nintendo.

As for Origin, IMHO thats heresay and ive yet to see concrete proof, it doesnt even make that much sense, its not like the other two use Origin and they still get support (if im wrong, correct me). Why would EA use that as an excuse to not support Ninty when they can just not support Ninty? And even if that were true thats only one company, hardly indication of a pattern. 

Who said anything about a consipracy?

As for Origin, it would be a mix of reasons, the origin fallout just topping off what was already a shaky relationship.

what other reasons? besides the one that EA actually gave which is not supporting the Wii U cause it wasnt doing well, which it hasnt and it isnt