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@Machina-AX it did take a pretty long time, but I've been working on it for the last few months. I actually started trying to get it finished at the beginning of this month (since I want it updated quarterly), and have just not posted it, so the data that's in it is already a month out-dated (and could be slightly wrong due to adjustments made in the last few weeks, but I doubt the effect is minimal).

@Devilstation: The articles themselves you can download and keep, and the links will be in my sig, along with the online versions of the report and spreadsheet (the presentation doesn't work very well), so you can always look at them yourselves (and quote whatever part you want). I doubt a section would work all that well, since they're so large. The news sections that Sqrl, TheSource, and others do are probably better, since they focus on very specific topics. Mine is more general in a sense, covering past and current generation sales, and then breaking them down into yearly sales, and then looking at certain statistics, like the percent of lifetime sales during a year.

If anybody would like to add anything, or just talk privately, you can PM or email me.

Thanks for taking the time to look at them.