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A few months ago I started working on a sales comparisons of the home consoles for which we have data. Links to the files were available in my signature. Since they were relatively popular, and for my own personal uses, I decided I'd go ahead and update them to include recent sales, along add some different methods of comparisons. I've also added different formats, so that everyone can view them without having to worry about not getting everything as it should be.

I'm not going to post any of them here, simply because even the "report" version is too long to post, and I'm sure few will bother reading it (and if you're going to read it, you'd probably download it anyway).

I have no idea who downloaded the old versions, but here are the updated versions. 

Link to the offline Microsoft Office and OpenOffice files.

GoogleDoc online files: report, spreadsheet, and presentation.

Enjoy (and discuss if you wish).

Edit: Also, I'd like to point out that the report and the presentation are complements to the spreadsheet, a way to summarize what's in the spreadsheet file. But the report and presentation are just two means to one end, so if you want a simplified "viewing" experience, check out the powerpoint/presentation file, because you can kind of just scroll through everything and it's all labeled nicely. The report and presentation contain basically the same thing, so it's just a matter of preference; you don't need both. But to gain all the insights and stuff (and to see my predictions for the next few years, though the predictions aren't set in stone) you need the spreadsheet file.