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RolStoppable said:
Mr.Playstation said:

It's just the image, the games which were being pushed early on and so on. To me anyways it's in a  middle stage were it's becoming more a traditional console but it still hasn't broken out of the unconventional console mold. That's my take.


So let's say that we agreed that the WII U is a conventional console. How does that lead us to trying to predict the future popularity of the NX?

The games that were pushed early on were third party multiplatform games. It only dawned on Nintendo that they should announce their own games when they made their emergency Nintendo Direct in January 2013.

The Wii U wasn't the only console that you put in the wrong category. The NES was an unconventional console.

wiiU is only convension when you try desperately to rewrite the history you want to believe in.  wiiU was introduced with a video of all the "possibilites" a tablet controller could do to "change the way you play".   of course you won't remember the 20 min before or after the EA "unprecedented partnership" was annonced because you know all everything nintendo and everyone else is wrong. 



oh, and the virtual boy wasn't convensional either.