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ctk495 said:

 You are also missing the part of the title where I said "Is" and "?" meaning that i was asking a question for others to debate. I also compared it to other nintendo consoles to see how it stacked up. Why should you take me seriously? Does a film critic needs to make a film in order to review it? Do I need to play every single Wii U game in order to have an opinion on them? I am basing myself on the articles and information I read from professional reviewers.


How wasn't I realistic and objective? I listened to what everyone was saying and I do believe they are correct that the Jaguar or CD-I are worst than the Wii U. What I was criticizing was that I thought that within the boundaries I established consoles created by Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Sega the Wii U was the worst. Yet, either people agreed with me or they simply decided not to defend their case.

PS(Off-topic): I hope you get a less realistic looking Mario avatar. It's difficult to look at. 

Are you serious? I missed the "is" and "?" in the title? Do I seem like the kind of idiot that reads a title and responds only to that? You seem to be forgetting what you wrote in your original post, not just your title. 

People responded to that and you moved the goal post, AKA only the "big 4". 

Then people responded to that and you moved the goal posts again, AKA  only the consoles you have experience with. 

Yet, you say you can make an educated or informative decision to call a console the worst of all time under these new boundaries, based solely on being able to look online and read about the library and what others thought of them. Not because you own the console.

The irony in it all. Why exclude so many consoles and redefine the boundaries if you can come to the same informative conclusion by researching them online?