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ctk495 said:

How am I ignoring my critics? I am actually answering to them. A a poster above mentioned the Gamecube had Baten Kaitos and Tales of Symphonia for anyone who wanted to bring up Bayonetta. He is actually comparing the library unlike you and other people who simply rely on attacks against me or my thread. Who says I won't change my mind? How are you making this assumption? I am pretty open minded, if you or someone else proves that the Vita(or other consoles within the big 4) is inferior to the Wii U I would accept that. Yet only one person has brought up the Vita and I thought he had a decent point. (I answered to this person instead of ignoring him.) Also it's irrelevant if I own the console or not as I could evaluate a product simply by searching for its library and the quality of its games. Unlike you I don't have highly subjective opinions of games to even qualify a game as "thrash"based on your own limited perspective. I have informed views on games- just check metacritic and see how some critics are calling Mario Sunshine a 'masterpiece' and how it has it a overall 92 rating. 

I have the game, I still have my Gamecube. I don't need anyone else to tell me about sunshine, I know first hand. I didn't like it. 

My previous post says exactly why it's a better console. I gave several reasons as to why Wii U is better than gamecube and most of all, not the worst console of all time. Not owning the console and saying it's the worst of all time is exactly trashing the console based on your own limited perspective. The irony, geez. 

I, as others answered to your original post. Which doesn't sound as "informed" as you think it is. You gave poor reasons with your "limited perspective" in my opinion, and I already answered to all of them. 

I have both consoles, and frankly I thought the Wii was worse. The only thing it was good for was Wii Sports. I stopped playing it within the first year, and so did many of my friends. We moved on to Playstation and Xbox.

Edit: I just realized why they compare your post to "globally in the USA". LOL!