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The poll results are very telling of the bias of the gaming internet. I think MS won.....and despite my bias I will back this up.

Microsoft did everything right: they catered to the nostalgia and listened to fans. The 30 game Rare collection for $30 was a amazing surprise, the Gears Remaster, and backwards compatibility is huge.

They announced new IPs with Recore and Sea of Thieves. Indies were cool, and Hololense has finally shown something new/exciting in the VR space.

More importantly, they showed games that are coming out this year. Halo 5, Forza 6, Fable Legends, Tomb Raider, Gears Remaster, and Rare collection are all 2015 titles.


Sony on the other hand, had a great show, but I certainly don't think it was "better".

- FF7 is a win for the dreamers who kept asking for it. Console war wise, it is no bigger a Sony win then Tomb Raider is. It's timed exclusive....it's coming to Xbox One later. If it was exclusive to PS4, that's a different story. If were talking nostalgia, logically a 30 game Rare collection, Gears 1 remaster, and making the 7th gen (eventually) backwards compatible > One timed exclusive gen 5 JRPG

- The Last Guardian: All Sony did was confirm the game still exists. This was a game that should have released 5 years ago, proved too buggy that it had to be ported over to PS4, and Sony merely confirmed that development has progressed. *****On a personal note, this is considered big because of the IDEA the game represents, not the game itself. The idea is the unreleased Sony exclusive, without much concrete details and therefore full of hope and potential. It's that hope and potential that is driving the glee from gamers. Sony is banking on hypotheticals to "win" conferences.

- Shenmue 3: Thought it was weird they announce a kickstarter rather then just make the game outright. Otherwise it is great they are helping to make such a niche classic.

Otherwise they announced new IP's like MS did, but also things that MS was criticized for years: Timed exclusive DLC (COD and Destiny). More importantly, they showed that this year, they only have the Uncharted Collection as a big game release (if I am wrong please correct me).

Conclusion: Sony is doing what MS did in 2011-2013: rely on 3rd parties. They are also banking on you waiting at least a year to play their best titles. MS, on the other hand, showed things you will play this year AND beyond. They catered to the nostalgia better, showed their big gun IPs, and showed new IPs. Their VR tech is different and has more "wow" factor.

No doubt this will be reported, but I feel that I explained myself properly, and that this website accepts opposing opinions to the status quo.


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)