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NobleTeam360 said:
Hm, maybe we can only expect updates every 2 months now.

This! From what I saw on FBK, I suspect he fell victim to one of those mighty, mysterious, dreadful, mythical beings every geek is defenceless from: a woman!!!
We must brainwash his girlfriend to make her become a videogame junkie, so she'll make him care more about the site instead of taking him away from it.

Stwike him, Centuwion. Stwike him vewy wuffly! (Pontius Pilate, "Life of Brian")

A fart without stink is like a sky without stars.

TGS, Third Grade Shooter: brand new genre invented by Kevin Butler exclusively for Natal WiiToo Kinect. PEW! PEW-PEW-PEW!