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Acevil said:

And how with they do that? They would have to be up to reach the current forcast, but to up it would only mean you do believe they will have a price cut.

Well for FY2014 they forecast 17m PS4 + PS4 in Mar 2014, increased it to 17.5m in Feb 2015 and ended with 17.9m in Mar 2015... that is why I believe they will revise these forecasts.

And yes PS4 will be up this year... it is already up in SOLD numbers until March 1... the shipment now shows only they decreased the units on shelves from ~1.4m to ~1.0m and not that they sold less (they in fact sold more PS4 this year than last year until March 1).

If they are using a bit of invenctory shipped in 2014 (400k) this quarter then you can expect a better shipment next quarter... we will need to wai.

Q1 FY14: 2.7m PS4 shipped.

If Sony continue to sell ~900k per month like they did in Jan/Feb/Mar then they will need to ship at least 2.7m again to hold a ~1m invenctory on retail.