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Samus Aran said:
kowenicki said:
ethomaz said:
48.1 billion yen operating profit for Game in FY2014,

$408m is good but I don't see how it can ever be higher. A loss in the last quarter and a forecast of less profit next year. As I've said many times Gaming isnt a massive profit generator, never really has been.

movies, music and financials rule as ever.

Nintendo has had much higher operating income in their golden years. So it could be higher.

Nintendo had a very cheap to manufacture console, selling like hotcakes with an inflated price, and selling tons of wiimotes+nunchucks as it was used a lot as a party console. Add to this the huge number of non discounted ever games sold by Nintendo, so it's not comparable.


PS: And they had another moneyprinter, the DS.