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BlowoverKing said:
Kresnik said:

Shame Yakuza and Digimon went out with not much fanfare.  Still, things don't look too bad:


GamesMaya's report

- Today, Yakuza 0 was completely victorious. The PS4 version was leading today.*
- Digimon Cyber Sleuth, as a Dark Horse, it sold better than expected. 
- Dragon Quest Heroes for PS3 is still selling.

*GamesMaya reported that the PS4 version of DQH was leading the first day too, but on the weekend the PS3 version sold better.

That's great for Digimon. YSO (or whoever that place is that predicts sales) thought it would open below 80k so hopefully this means it's first week will be 80-100k.

I predict 90k FW and amazing legs... the game is having very positive reviews from the Japanese gamers and we have the anime effect. Maybe 250-300k LT?