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mornelithe said:
Bristow9091 said:

I actually made a random name up, something like Heinekintor or something silly, can't remember it, but if you can see what other people type, I was just typing stuff like kill player, and it was like no player here so I tried being more specific and typed kill all the jews, and it said no all the jews here... terrible grammar! then I just kept typing what and help and shit like that, because seriously, I have no clue how to actually enjoy a text based game, lol... although I did manage to make myself a human, yay me, right? :P 

Hmmm, I'm sitting at Central Park, should've seen you log in...unless new Characters start in the Church (it's been over 2 decades since I started a new character there lol).  As far as killing players...due to, repeated abuses of the ability to kill players originally, you actually have to opt-in to becoming a pker (player killer).   So, without joining pk's you wouldn't have gotten anywhere with that.  Additionally, there are no-combat zones, the Church, Central Park, Post Office, Main Boards, and a few other noteworthy places are among them.

I'm honestly not sure how I was able to glean as much entertainment from a text-based game for this long, either.  But, I did used to play D&D, and a few other dice games.  So, that could have something to do with it (takes certain types..?), or it could just be that having started so far back when text-based MuD's were popular, it was easier to get into with so many people around.  

As far as grammar, heh, the syntax in MuD's are only as good as the people who made them, not that the folks who wrote Realms were bad, per-se (lots of college students programming for fun), but phrasing isn't universal.  And, man, there are some quests in there that're just brutal, brutal exercises in syntax futility.

Well either way, since the game started in 1991 and I can see how easy it'd be to stay logged in (I rarely turn my PC off anyways and ny internet tabs are always open), I can see how you could spend so long playing (Although I'm assuming a lot of that time was spent idle while you were AFK), and for that I sincerely apologise for the remarks I made... forgive me? <3