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Tachikoma said:
Tachikoma said:

Poor aliasing protection (library)
Poor texture alignment/mapping
Poor foliage distribution
Extremely low poly branch geometry even on direct paths and key locations
No effort made at all to equalize quality between general play an zoomed in scripted events
Low quality repeating textures stretched to cover larger areas
Textures mapped to surfaces stretched along with geometry to bridge gaps in terrain without remapping texture positioning resulting in linear stretch
Low complexity collision mapping resulting in "Sorry you cant walk this way theres a twig on the ground" physics.
Mismatched texture quality along primary paths, both sides, with clear cut bridging in texture elements
Stark difference between the pulled-from-DOA player character mesh and actual game environment mesh complexity
Lighting clipping in subscene buffer draw because DOA5 engine not suited to game format.

Quoting this for bigtakilla, since you watched the stream you will now understand what i mean, esp the bolded.

Let's just try and forget the whole wood texture thing entirely, nobody deserves that in their memory.

Well yes, all true. But it feels like a retail game. With a decent budget.