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bigtakilla said:
Tachikoma said:

bashing them based on hands on experience with a copy of the game im bought has more merit than defending one based purely off of screenshots.

I would still disagree with you that Summer Lesson was even up to the visual quality of FFV honestly, but we can agree to disagree. That said FFV does have some glaring faults (some I didn't even know about), but with that said seems like it has bigger ambition than I thought it would. Summer Lesson seems like a 1 room game, which still leaves me to wander who it would appeal to?

Let's put this another way. Post a pic  that looks good that looks like an entire game and not a mini game. 

Summer Lessons is meant as an eduational game, or at least thats the "intent", obviously there will be those that buy it purely for the perving on a schoolgirl aspect, but the intent is to learn lessons/etc and assist with study for those who are too shy and/or scared to socialize normally, it:s not intended to be a long game with a story and a plot.

I will happily point to The Heist, however, as the closest thing to a retail game for Morpheus right now.

Keeping in mind the device is still virtually a year away from actual release.