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Turkish said:
GhaudePhaede010 said:
Turkish said:

which one and how so?

I do not understand the, "which one" question...

"How so" is a little easier. Thee amount of control you have is unrivaled in any sports game before it. It was unreal to have the ball and move other players where you want or to defend using four or five guys at once. It was a RTS sports title. It was innovative as hell. I was praying a basketball game would use these controls, or a hockey game. Thee amount of thinking was revolutionary. You had to train your brain to unlearn depending on A.I. for anything and when you scored it was an accomplishment, and when you failed, it was all your blame. The game was truly innovative and revolutionary.

with "which one" I meant which PES title, do they all control like that? Might get pes 09 with Jesus like Messi on cover, even though PES was terrible the entire last gen. PES 15 is amazing though.

It does not matter which one you get. I recommend 2010 and later only because they seemed to stop making huge leaps after the 2010 version plus it added classic controller support in case you cannot wrap your head around the RTS controls.

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