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Seece said:
riecsou said:
VGC seems to be spot on with the tracking:
Xbox One and 360 at 6 Millions and 83.3 Millions as of October 4th
Xbox One and 360 at 11 Millions and 84.4 Millions as of January 3rd.
So that means Xbox One and 360 sold 5 millions and 1.1 millions during the quarter for a total of 6.2 Xbox Sold. Leaving 400 K on shelves + whatever was on shelves for the previous quarter. Unless the previous numbers on shelves was really high, that is a very good tracking by VGC

Nah. - http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=197304&page=1#


I was doing the math for Xbox One numbers, for 360 numbers I prefer to go with MS released shipments. The tracking on the 360 has gone through a lot on VGC. So for Xbox One numbers, I think they are spot on.