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etking said:
I love both series but FF should stay FF or it should become FF again since the quality dropped heavily after FF9.

FF should go back to a FF6-9 or Chrono Trigger / Cross style ATB system with round based battles and real summons.
FF should not have 1000 boring fetch side quests, empty overworlds with almost no ways of interaction apart from collecting items and huge balancing issues (which makes most parts of the games too easy but then requires to do 5 hours of grinding in order to be able to beat the final boss) which are the weakest parts in Xenoblade.

But Xenoblade does everything else, especially storytelling and progression quite perfectly and is a much better overall game compared to FF10-13. And is has a soundtrack that is only rivaled by FF6 and Chrono Trigger.

Xenoblade Chronicles is the best JRPG released in the last 10 years by the way and Xenoblade X will easy get a much better rating than FFXV on metacritic.

Not trying to disagree or anything, but you realize that if you do actual quests you won't get a bunch of fetch quests right? I also felt that the world had plenty to do in it. It gave you an actual incentive to explore it, that incentive being experience.