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fluky-nintendy said:

Not a failure but it's not a major success like the PS2 either, and if Sony stand still doing nothing for it including not reducing price at a huge cost, the sales today would look similar to the N64. So yeah it was nothing mindblowing but could have been a lot worse.

And if XOne was still at $499 with the only Kinect Bundle available, it would have ended like Sega Dreamcast. But, we know we can't make history with 'IF'.

PS3 had a lot more competition from MS and Nintendo compared to PS2;  XBox and GC offered a really weak competition, and PS2 was released before both rivals, getting immediately more 3rd party support.  On the other hand, PS3 was released 1 full year after X360 in NA and Jap, and 16 months later in Europe, at a very expensive price.   Of course it couldn't do as PS2= Sony big mistake ---> Lesson learnt ---> PS4 ---> Domination. 

To be noted : PS3 sold better than 360 every year apart from 2008 !  PS3 won 2007-2009-2010-2011-2012-2013-2014 ! 360 only won 2008 ;)

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