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DanneSandin said:

I recently made a similar thread about XB1, and that got me thinking; this gen has just begun and we have a pretty clear picture of how last gen went down. So let's try and figure out if the PS3 was a success or a failure.

Let's take a look at a few numbers first:
X360 has sold 84.4m units
PS3 has sold 84.6m units
Wii has sold 100.9m units

Clearly PS3 didn't reach the souring heights of its predecessor, PS2, which did over 150m. But does that mean PS3 is a failure? Could it be seen at least as a moderate success? After a pretty rough start it eventually manage to catch X360 and even surpass it sales wise, but does that mean it's a success after losing a massive market share? It's also important to remember that PS3 helped push the Blu-Ray format.

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Well it was a major success in the last 3 year of the lifecycle. It would all depends on if they manage to recover form the massive losses inccured at the beginning of PS3 lifecycle. Mistake made on the PS3 gave you the PS4 & Playstation Now. 

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA