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*Sound Of Rain said:
Nem said:

Interesting to see more people that didnt particularly like it. RE4 was the game in the series i disliked. The rupture with the racoon city arc, the premise of saving the president's daughter, wich must be a fetish to the americans and english because i do not see the appeal of babysitting Ashley and finally the fact that i understand spanish and could tell what the zombies were saying and couldnt help but find it unrealistic.

There were all kinds of wrong with RE4 with me. Its the only mainline RE game that i did not finish (aside RE6, but that one is because i havent gotten around to it. I really enjoyed the prequal CGI movie though). I only ranked it above RE0 because 0 is completely forgettable. 

I agree. Baby sitting Ashley was a terrible gameplay element for me. I know some people liked it but I hated it. I didn't even know they were speaking real words honestly but that must suck being able to understand what they're saying. Zombies (though they weren't 'zombies' shouldn't talk. 

I never played 0 enough to rank it. I hope they do an HD Remake & I hope it's not as bland as you say

If you like REmake, i'm sure you will like 0. Its not a bad game, its just that the events felt just like an extension of the first game. It felt like DLC lets say. I no longer remember much of what happened. It also never felt like Rebbeca was someone who had gone through such an ordeal only to be a support character for Chris on the original (she should be alot stronger by then than she looked and acted like). Neither her nor Billy showed up in the series ever again, making the game events completely passable.