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MDMAlliance said:

I don't think that making Super Mario 3D World online multiplayer would have made the difference between "Wii U still in a hole" and "Wii U saved," nor would it have made global lifetime sales increase any more than 1m total.  Online multiplayer for a 3D platformer may get some people excited and give it a little more life, but it's not like it's something that makes that much sense.

I'm not saying it would make or break the game or console. I just think the option of online co-op or online whatever is a lot less abundant and not as robust as it is in PS/XBox consoles. These things are little things that add up and when one console consistenly is behind on it, that becomes a problem.

Nintendo gets a lot of people saying shit about them regardless of what they do.

I agree that people will shit talk regardless, and I don't want to be part of the problem. I am just saying that in this case they did a bait and switch. Even the new Zelda (which also looks beautiful, I myself am partial to cel-shading and love games like DQXIII and Okami) isn't in the style of the tech demo which was specifically used to excite people for the new console. Nintendo needs to give people what they want is all.

Amiibos are pretty new, so their uses so far are quite limited, but I think their current uses are not so bad. Also they have already announced some FE amiibos unlocking new characters for Code Name STEAM.

That's cool, but to me the gameplan just isn't as tight or as organized as the competition's. At least until this new game you're talking about comes out. Even so, they will sell like gangbusters, because Nintendo has long refused to merchandise their IP and fans really want these collectables. That's great, but it doesn't offer much in terms of gameplay (again, so far). Then there's the problem of multiple figures coming out for one character. How will the non-smash Mario interactivity compare to the smash one? Will you have to buy multiple Mario's to get all the extra features (which currently are lackluster as is)?

That doesn't really have anything to do with what OP was saying, though. It's a more complex issue that wont have any super simple fixes.

OP said that Nintendo is "scaring away third parties." His argument may have centered on Nintendo's inability to secure 3rd party games with all the money they made last gen, but I was just going a little further with it to generically show the state of 3rd party games on WiiU. A lot of the blockbuster games people want can't be found on Nintendo's console, and that's a problem.

Wouldn't new IPs, by definition, be niche?  Unless you mean the genre, in which case... Splatoon isn't going for a niche genre.  

I don't think new IPs, by definition, are considered niche. Niche concerns being focus on a small specific market group, at least as far as I know the definition to be (but that may be a little different for others). Platinum games tend to develop niche titles (again, this does not reflect the quality of the titles, just their lack of mass appeal). Something like Destiny or Watchdogs, even if inferior in quality to Platinum Games' offerings, are new IPs that have mass appeal, and the hype train behind them, the marketing and the payoff in sales show this.

Except a lot of them are not valid since they simply aren't true or are super misleading... or some of them cannot be substantiated.  They can be stated as just opinions, but the whole "Everyone thinks X" or "The main reason X is the case is because of Y" are not true.

The kinds of things OP says has some truth hidden behind them, but are generally not true or don't make sense.

I agree that some of the statements are blanket statements and made with bias. So are mine, yours and everyone else's to a certain degree. However, I'd argue that sales and current trends back up a lot of what the OP has to say, even if his/her opinions aren't expressed so eloquently. I, myself, touched on some of the issues I personally believe the WiiU to have that are either directly or indirectly related to the OP. I've tried to express them in a more unbiased manner (I really do want Nintendo to succeed). I just think that these little things that nitpickers like me or the OP observe add up and are a reason the WiiU, despite offering a great library of games and unparalled first party titles, will be perceived by the non-WiiU owner as a substandard console in today's day and age. Nintendo has the money and the talent to deal with these and other issues that are holding them back. They should take a page from Sony (and Microsoft with all the changes they've made with the X1), get over their stubbornness, and get with the times.