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You can honestly look straight into Tim Lockwood's eyes and say that Zelda U's art style is, "ugly"?


cyberninja45 said:

Well he is right on most things.

The gamepad is the wiiu biggest problem, I can't believe people are still trying to defend it.

He is also totally right about super mario 3d world, I remember when I first saw the reveal and stream was sticking I honestly thought it was sequel for 3d land on the 3ds until I confirmed after it was wiiu the letdown was beyond measurable. Then I heard great things about the game especially here on vgchartz, I even remember someone saying it reaches the heights of mario galaxy.

I got the game along with my wiiu and I can tell you that I honestly believe people were genuinely lying about the game, anybody that says some BS about this being one of the best mario they ever played are lying out of their teeth, or never played any other mario.

This game is absolutely no way a mario galaxy, 64 nothing, its exactly what I thought of in the reveal a follow up to 3d land lazily ported across to the wiiu. I can tell you anybody that says otherwise are genuinely lying about the game.

Now I enjoyed 3d land on my 3ds but super mario 3d world does not belong on a home console ever, especially nintendo's first HD console.

Edit- The new zelda artstyle looks really good though.

And theres this guy.

There is so much more to 3D Worldthan a copy-pasted 3D Land. The multiple characters add just enough to the gameplay where I wanted to complete each stage with each one, maybe finding a different way of completing it. The level design was way more expansive and open compared to 3D Land's condensed focus for portable pleasure. It allowed for level design that was a lot more stimulating for a console game. It's also bursting with its own sense of originality all over the place.

And on the subject of it comparing to other 3D entries in the series, I don't think you can. 3D World's entire concept inherantly keeps it from being on the same scope as Mario Galaxy. 3D game with 2D archetypes. With that in mind, I like to think of 3D World on its own merits. I reccomend Somecallmejohnny's review of it. It might make you see it in a new perspective.

Also, calling people who liked a game that you don't "liars"? That's just unnecessary and close-minded. I'm surprised you didn't get yourself modded for that.

Wow, that got sidetracked from the OP...