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torok said:
1080p @ 30fps. I rather actually see what I'm shooting at in an online game...

Are we to conclude you never played games before this new gen, or only on PC with gimped fps? Because otherwise you wouldnt be able to see anything. Yeah... the exageration isnt doing you any favors. 

The only way anyone can tell the difference is to stand really close and have a gigantic TV. Should we really be catering to such a minority at the cost of the gameplay and smoother animations everyone can benefit from? 

Logic in this industry... its missing.


Also, peeps saying it depends on the genre... nope, it doesnt. Every single genre benefits on the gameplay department from 60 fps. Smoother animation, faster response time, faster processing of events in your head because your eyes capture them sooner. It is for every genre. A turn based game would be the exception, but only on the gameplay. Animations playing would still look much nicer.