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I have friends that wouldn't think twice about buying a gun for hundreds just to keep it in a cabinet and never fire it. To me, they're crazy. It's what they like so that's their thing. I'm sure they feel the same way when they walk into my game room.

So, while were here, wanna know what people who own all consoles think of those who don't? Can't speak for anybody else but I see a lot of uninformed posts. SOME people that only own system X tend to bash system Y and Z. They boast about features that they have and downplay anything they don't. They exaggerate (OH, the graphics! They were like looking into the vagina of an angel!) or they are just plain wrong (That game installed 17 times, had horrible load times, and crashed my console!).

I get to see all sides and, while most people would be happy with the console they purchase, a lot of gamers would realize that they're missing out. As a multi-console owner, I can pick and choose. Which one has a better browser? Which one has the hot game I want to play this month? Which one has the best performance? It's a good feeling to never feel like I'm missing out. Never having to compromise is well worth the price.

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