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0815user said:

pretty much 1)

there's only a small minority of gamers who have the patience for so much storydetail and enjoy diving into it. the overall majority gets pissed by the infooverkill. it's kinda sad but the trend is openworld gameplay and simple, straightfoward storytelling. when you try it the other way round, be prepared for a hudge shitstorm.

I agree with this as well, which is why slow burning stories are mostly restricted to TV and movies. You can only handle around 2 hours or so before you really start wanting to know what the point of all of it is. 80+ hours of setting up plot is a bit of overkill and I think Monolith Soft realized it which is why Blade isn't the next space opera, but will be a series of large single title contained stories. All anyone needs is around 100 hours for a three act structure, not six games (which wound up condensed to three).