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Looking at the sales figures, the Dreamcast, a console widely seen as a failure and the downfall of Sega, sold better than the Wii U to date. As Nintendo has the cash assest to survive a failed console, where will they go from here? It seems that they do not want to adapt to the demands of the modern gamer, and their core user base is smaller than ever. This being said, will this force Nintendo's hand out of the console business just as the Dreamcast did to Sega? How can Nintendo repair the publicity damage the Wii U has done to them in the eyes of gamers? 

The Nintendo core base is MUCH larger than Sony and Microsoft's. The Wii U will outsell the Dreamcast no problem and Nintendo's stifness is paying off, profits tripeling this quarter. Carry on.

Excuse me...



Care to elaborate what would give you such idea?

I'm talking anout real core gamers, not people who trade in their PS3 and all their FIFA games just to buy a PS4 and the new FIFA. Nintendo's games have a high attach rate, higher than some Sony and Microsoft exclusives. Their own software makes them quite a lot of money.

To be clear, I was NOT talking about pure console sales. Nintendo is clearly not in the best position. But it's also not doing bad anymore.