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ps4tw said:
RolStoppable said:
Nintendo will still be alive and kicking. Despite an atrocious eighth gen showing, they've mostly eliminated Sony from the handheld space already.

Additionally, their financials are on the rise again, so it isn't even up for consideration to bow out of the home console space. And due to the unique characteristics of the video game business (new system means a reset of perception), the Wii U's failure doesn't dent Nintendo's image all that much.

True, but what future does the handheld space have? The 3DS has sold considerably less than the DS, and with mobile gaming developing at a fast pace, will it result in the same situation that the Wii U currently has - only the diehard core fans will purchas the console?

Rising financials hardly means bowing out of the console race isn't up for consideration - that's a very narrow view of the situation. They've lost a huge percentage of the market to Sony and Microsoft and it's debateable (see above reply) as to whether they can realistically get these gamers back. Nintendo's image is also struggling with a childish image - do you think this could be shaken? Personally I think they'd have to make a spin-off company to distance themselves away from the vivid and percieved as childish games that they are known for. 

The next Nintendo handheld performing worse than the 3DS would necessitate Nintendo repeating the same mistakes: Adding expensive features that the market doesn't want and believing that third parties will be there to help creating an installed base. if they avoid these two traps, then they will be easily more successful than with the 3DS, because that system didn't set the bar high.

With Nintendo having several billion dollar in cash reserves and no debt, going third party really isn't up for consideration in the slightest. Their next two home consoles would have to sell as bad as the Wii U to get to that point. I don't think Nintendo lost a lot of consumers to Sony and Microsoft, the biggest factor at work here is disinterest; so at the end of the eighth generation, I don't expect Sony's and Microsoft's gains to make up for Nintendo's decline. Nintendo already proved with the Wii that they can change their childish image, hence why the trolls had to adjust and use the word "casual" instead.

Kerotan said:

they didn't eliminate Sony. Sony's lack of support and the decline in the market is ensuring it's the last handheld they will make. By that logic Sony and MS and eliminated Nintendo from the console market. Vita is likely to sell more lifetime than the Wii U. 

Sony's lack of support is due to getting curbstomped by Nintendo. They quickly realized that they stand no chance anymore.

On the other hand, Nintendo will make another home console, so how are the two situations even similar? You make no sense.

platformmaster918 said:

overall profits doesn't mean WiiU was successful financially.  3DS is undoubtedly making the money for Nintendo.  This coming from one of the few that has supported Nintendo's home console showing this gen and really thinks it deserves higher sales than Xbox right now.

That wasn't my point. What I was saying is that Nintendo doesn't need to lose a thought on going third party when the company itself isn't close to being in bad shape.

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