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fireburn95 said:
brighat said:
Some people take their hobby way too seriously.

I don't know who this woman is and don't care. She doesn't affect my life. She seemingly affects the lives of some for her actions for some reason.

Do you like games? Yes?

Then this probably will affect you one day, when the quality of games reduces because of her agenda to make games more inclusive to women.

1) Easier controls (apparently for women)
2) Forced female leads (even if it doesnt make sense in the story)
3) Females represented non-sexually (Yeah because there aren't any prostitutes in the real world, and some women actually like to dress nice)

Also, this specific petition affects women, since she claims to speaks for women when she makes decisions to make games easier, and invoke a female-specific response.

But it affects the quality of games we love, for all.

If any of those things in your list happen (and the first one has been gradually happening for years), it's because society has allowed for it to happen.  Not because of one woman fighting for whatever it is she believes in.