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pakidan101 said:
I don't understand....

I mean, I know this is how the business world works......you deride the competition for its "cheap gimmicky" motion controls, then when it is proven that it actually is working for them while you are suffering for lacking the motion controls, you decide to do your own version. I get that.

What I don't get is IF this is true.....and that is a big, big IF....wouldn't that be too late now?

Sony and Microsoft already has stapled their image to the public...the "hardcore-console-for-real-gamers" image is pretty much now assumed by everybody in the public...I put it under quotations because real gamers know that this kind of perception is relative to one's preference of games really, but to the mass public this is what they think of the PS3 and 360, and sales have already dictated of what that means to them; that though the graphics are superb, the Wii has decent amount of graphics for them plus controls that actually excites them enough to wanting to play whenever they have the time.

Using the idea of motion controls NOW is just showing the people their "ineptitude" in understanding what the public wants and their fear of losing the public will just further scare them away. The public already has a cheaper version or willingness to get a cheaper version (when they can find them) of a console with motion controls and that is the Wii. In their minds and view is that, though the PS3 and the 360 can do many things beside gaming and have great graphics and could have motion controls, the expense of such a setup PLUS a library of games that are not suited for them isn't a very enticing choice.

And what about the customers they already have? There is a reason PS3 owners and 360 owners chose their system. To play the games they offer with a traditional controller. By offering this choice, not only are you telling the mass public that your way of doing things is wrong, you are also telling your customers that "Yeah, ummm....we kinda made a wrong move here.....seems like Ninty here made the right move....so umm....yeah we are selling out....you understand right? It's just business."

Despite this move would make sense in the logical sense (Sony and Microsoft = no motion controllers, Ninty = motion controls.....Ninty = winning right now, Sony and Microsoft = struggling....therefore motion controls = key to winning), to the hearts and minds of their current customers, this is an insult to them. The dedicated customers would feel that they have been told that if Sony and Microsoft admits that their choice is wrong, then the customers were wrong....and telling the customers were wrong would go against the mantra of "The customers are always right."

Therefore, IF they are going to make this move, then save it for the next generation. It's too late to learn new tricks right now. I'm not riding on Sony and Microsoft for not having motion controls here. I have a 360 and is hoping to get more money (and time) to get a PS3 for MGS4. But to do this would just be too late for the general public and an insult to the current customers now. Maybe the next round would be different. Or maybe Nintendo will create the image as "King of the Motion Controls" and that they will be the new king of the hill. But not now.

I thought sony were going for that the PS3 is the home of your living room entertainment/media centre set up and not this is hardcore gaming only.

There are millions upon millions of people with previous gen consoles (mostly ps2) that have yet to jump to the next gen. Sony bringing motion controls to the ps3 and if there is a price reduction would give them a very big reason to stick with sony for the next gen and not move to nintendo. I'm not saying they will beat nintendo, but it might decrease the gap