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Mr Puggsly said:
Captain_Tom said:

Forgive me as I only read the first 3 sentences of your wall of text (Tone it down next time).  I don't want MS to leave gaming per se... What I want is for them to stop burning money in the Xbox pitt and focus on PC.  They could simply put their real first party exclusives on PC and bolster its catalog.  And yes it is a financial disaster:


Xbox 360 was profitable in spite of losing a lot of money on hardware issues.

Frankly, $3 billion over 10 years is little to MS especially when the company as a whole is still very profitable. Xbox losses have also shrank over time.

Sony on the otherhand has been losing billions in spite of finding success again with Playstation. You should worry less about Xbox and more about Sony.

You brought up the biggest logic errors I keep seeing on this website:

1) Businesses are created to make money, not find interesting ways of wasting it.

2) Yes Sony is in financial trouble, but Sony =/= Playstation.  I am talking about Playstation's Financial success in relation to Xbox. NOT MS in relation to Sony.

3) Sony's total assets are worth $132 billion.  Yes they are having financial problems now, but they are also in the process of getting rid of all of the useless divisions.  They will not disapear overnight.