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3sexty said:
Captain_Tom said:
Mr Puggsly said:

1) There is no if about it.  Xbox has been a financial disaster for MS.  All of the data is out there.

2) Whether the others have yet is not the point.  One of them (Or someone else) very well could make an awesome console family if MS left room for a new competitor.  This is all hypethetical of course, but here is what we do know:

-MS hasn't been successful

-Others could be

Let's find out!

I might be wrong here and please say so if I am but the tone of this post would suggest that you are dissappointed that Microsoft is still in the gaming business and that you want them to make an exit from gaming. I am interested to know why if this is your position. Also your statement that the gaming division is making disasterous losses is just false. The division has made a profit for the last 3 or so years and the statements from MS outline this. This is of course on top of the insanely huge profits the overall company is making and pales in comparison of course. What is the source for your contrasting beliefs. Please don't tell me it's  the same Forbes blogger that has been disproven on this site many times already. The profit and loss statements from MS should be the official source that people should be quoting. But of course some people just don't want believe this as it goes against there own agenda. Also I think we should get used to the idea that xbox is here to stay whether we like it or not. MS have committed to it and as you will note the recent competitive measures (and great turnaround numbers) being undertaking by them is testament to this. Also you need to remember that Sony only recently started making money on the gaming side of things thanks to the great success of PS4. You should consider that the Sony shareholders have been extremely patient. MS shareholders on the other hand are just raking it in with or without xbox. So basically the Xbox is really of miniscule effect to the enormous revenue machine that is MS. In contrast PlayStation is a welcomed recent profit maker which is of miniscule effect to the enormous loss making machine that is Sony.

Forgive me as I only read the first 3 sentences of your wall of text (Tone it down next time).  I don't want MS to leave gaming per se... What I want is for them to stop burning money in the Xbox pitt and focus on PC.  They could simply put their real first party exclusives on PC and bolster its catalog.  And yes it is a financial disaster:


That graph doesn't even take into acount the 7 billion dollars in losses the first Xbox created.  Do you really think MS made up all that money from 2013-2014?  Not with how X1 is doing.


But not only are they wasting their own money, but they are constantly holding back gaming with their money hatting, consistantly inferior hardware, and archaic parity clauses.  If people want real competion in consoles they should want MS to exit.