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Mr Puggsly said:
Captain_Tom said:
Yeah I agree. I think the Xbox One should be $250 to be a justifiable purchase. Of course this means I think the Wii U should be $150.

No, its a justfiable purchase if you feel the amount you pay is worth the money. I got mine at launch and I'm not complaining because I've used my X1 for couple hundred hours and have plenty to play.

$250 would be a bargain for a game console with that power, HDD, Bluray, etc.

So it was justified for you.  But if you compare the hardware/performance differences and set the PS4 at $400 as the baseline you find that it really doesn't make any sense for the X1 to cost anywhere near the PS4.  At best the PS4 is 50% stronger, at worst it is twice as strong.  Then throw in all the little things like no bluetooth, less controller features, worse recording capabilites, slower UI, 10x longer install times, and worse free games.


If you can look past all of those things than fine, good for you.  I am saying that in my opinion it would take a substantially lower price for most people to justify that kind of inferiority.