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The launch week for China is going to be close. I still think that for the week ending Sept. 20 VGC is either undertracking the PS4, overtracking the XBO, or both. If the 100k China figure is shipped, not sold, and the actual PS4-XBO gap for the week ending the 20th is wider than VGC's current numbers indicate, then the PS4 may come out on top. But even if the PS4 misses that one week this year, I think that at least one year this generation it will be on top every week. The only other realistic chance the XBO has to come out on top are the release weeks for Halo 5 and Halo 6 or if it manages to sneak in a price cut to $300 before Sony can implement one for the PS4. Of course, the fact that the XBO will likely beat the PS4 in sales in maybe four weeks this whole generation shows just how big the PS4's market share is.