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ethomaz said:
LudicrousSpeed said:
Since when does an "MMO model" mean virtually all of the story and lore for the universe is completely absent from the game and requires you to collect cards to read short little blurbs about on a website?

Most games of this type have a menu option where you can read up on everything. Destiny was going to have that, they cut back on the story late in development and brought someone in to do these stupid cards. It's not an "MMO model", it's a "Destiny model". A "DLC model".

Regarding the update, I never minded purples going down to blues. All this update does is take away some of the suspense from decrypting things. Too many people thought they'd now be getting all these purples they used to get that would turn blue, not realizing Bungie would make it so a lot less purples drop.

They still need a lot of work on shards and energy and all of these stupid limits on what you can do. It's like they want to be different and have a loot type game where you can only play so much per week. It's like F2P only it costs $60 (to start).

It is definitivy dropping more... even the patch says that.... they increased the purpe drops.

PS. I don't want even more shards and evergies... maybe it is because I do Raids weekly but I have over 40 of each and get everytime more, more and more... every Raid I did I got 10-15 shards/energies.

No, it says you might now get rare or purple rewards for certain raids. They drop less in actual action. Not only is this the most (only) logical conclusion, this has been the seemingly universal feedback to the patch.

Regarding what you get during the raid, that's awesome. Of course, this being a completely random loot game and all, YMMV. Again, the general consensus is the loot system is broken and the grinding is flawed. You could have an inventory with 12 exotics and 20 legendaries and 60 shards plus 99 energy, doesn't mean anything.