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theprof00 said:
Imp you just decided on your own that the solution was wright and the others weren't worth investigating because they had claims.
1) we have no solid proof that players with claims are what they say they are.
2) misapplied f akeclaims are commonplace. Scum had f akeclaims last game. Why is it so hard to imagine that a nuke has one now?
3) nobody has gone through yet and done case reads on these 3-4 players. I understand your concern that they are dead ends, but your hypothesis demands that wright is the solution.

No sane person shoild be looking at the evidence and coming to the conclusion that all of radish, khan, and yourself are dead ends. All a townie should know is that YOU are the dead end.

Like I proved CONCLUSIVELY with our past argument is that you had a hidden axiom.
And I charge thee, SIR, that you have a hidden axiom now as well guiding your decision that khan and radish cannot be the ghost, because it is you who is carrying that torch.

With the information we have, going by your assumption even about who the possible nukes are, the only reasonable conclusion is that I have to be the nuke. It's not even hard to see, and I've laid out why already, but apparently you have once again failed to understand the basis of the argument. So let me put it even more plain:

Out of the four marine claims, we have three that are verified, but other cleared players. We have gone over how they were cleared and there is no holes in any of the claims. Obviously, one of them is a fake claim, assuming we have narrowed down the four possibilities. The thing is, there is no information for us to decide which one is the fake claim. All us four can do is say I know my PM and I am not the nuker. There is no way to go back and read these players and nail a positive read on any of us, because we all have unverifiable actions we have or don't have and roles. We are trapped by having too many people and not enough information. At the end of the day, it will be a gut feeling decission at best, and then it won't make any sense to vote for the one claim that isn't cross referenced or chacked against anything.

Sure, we can send everyone through the thread 400 times and keep this thread going for three years like White suggested, but the chance of finding anything that will give a 100% ID on the nuke is practically zero. I've tried my best to invite any question, argument or anything to show why I have played the way I have. All I have back is a statement of a mountain of coincidences, a mountain that no one can reference mind you, which obviously will not be anything near gettign any closer than a best gut feeling. I know what has gone on in this game, I know there is no way that I can be confirmed anything short of me being flipped. No matter what I say, there will always be the possibility that I am the nuke. The fact that I am not the nuke tells me that it is impossible for town to make an absolutely bulletproof decission. It is impossible with the information we have. And that is why it is meaningless to dismiss the last potential source of information we have access to.

As for how you PROVED how great you are at logic. You didn't prove anything. Just the concept of a 'hidden axiom' shows that you don't understand squat about what you are talking about. The axioms you pretend are hidden are all directly inferred from the argument itself, in any case it's a meaningless statemement as you don't need to know the axioms to know if an argument is logically valid or not. In fact, the fact that you fail to infer the axioms shows that you are tunneling on finding 'illogical' statements instead of understanding context, which fills me with even greater doubt that someone will stumble over a hidden smoking gun when re-reading the thread.

Anyway, sure, we'll do it your way. Anything padib has to say we assume s  a lie, and we assume that the nuke is coornered amongst four marines. What next? If you don't want to go into the mountain of coincidences against me, then who do we clear first?