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Imp you just decided on your own that the solution was wright and the others weren't worth investigating because they had claims.
1) we have no solid proof that players with claims are what they say they are.
2) misapplied f akeclaims are commonplace. Scum had f akeclaims last game. Why is it so hard to imagine that a nuke has one now?
3) nobody has gone through yet and done case reads on these 3-4 players. I understand your concern that they are dead ends, but your hypothesis demands that wright is the solution.

No sane person shoild be looking at the evidence and coming to the conclusion that all of radish, khan, and yourself are dead ends. All a townie should know is that YOU are the dead end.

Like I proved CONCLUSIVELY with our past argument is that you had a hidden axiom.
And I charge thee, SIR, that you have a hidden axiom now as well guiding your decision that khan and radish cannot be the ghost, because it is you who is carrying that torch.