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This week at Bungie, we were able to collect a full sampling of life in the world of Destiny.

In the first 7 days, the incredibly charming and impeccably-groomed players of Destiny blew every Bungie record out of the water, and we’re not just talking about sales. You played far more and for far longer than we could have possibly imagined.

Here’s a small sample of the community post game carnage report:

  • 100 Million Hours Played – Enough to watch the entirety of The Lord of the Rings trilogy 8,797,653 times. And yes, we are talking about the Special Extended Editions.
  • 137 Million Activities Played – The equivalent of 535,156 regular seasons of the NFL. (Our European fans may know it as “American Handegg.”)
    (note: one Crucible match would be considered a single activity, even though it may feature 12 unique players)
  • The Average Gameplay Session lasts about 3 hours. On weekdays. On weekends it turns out you have some extra time to kill, raising the average up to more than 4 hours per session.
  • 1 Billion Players “Served” in the Crucible (player deaths). 

We’re lovin’ it! We hope you are to. If there are ways in which you could love it more, don’t stop reading before you get to the Mail Sack.

This is just the beginning.