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The Fury said:
Game reviewing is an odd thing. I thought I'd have a quick gander at Escapist Magazine's review section the other day (here http://www.escapistmagazine.com/video-games/reviews ) to see what games are getting and while Destiny got 3/5. Mountain, a game about a mountain, got 2.5/5 stars. According to Jim, it's only slighty worse that Destiny?

That's not all, Clary Smith there game that Pigeon Dating sim, 4/5. That's 8/10. Games just cannot be compared anymore because they are so varied. You cannot compare a game such as Destiny to A Pigeon Dating game. Maybe value for money is being taken into account but either way hear this...

Don't judge a game on a review, it's personal opinion. Play it, you might like it.

Exactly. I think that the reason why the rating is so messed up is because they take into consideration non-gaming elements when rating the game. One of those elements is the assumption that it cost $500m to make Destiny and therefore they should expect the holy grail of games. Another is that they compare certain elements of other games which had a smaller scope with Destiny and then say that yes, it's been done before without recognising that the game offers more than this particular feature... 

That's the thing however, I understand how people cannot buy a game blindly and then hope it's good (Bad surprises such as Aliens: colonial Marine)... however, there must be some degree of professionalism from reviewers in the sense that a game should be judged purely on gaming elements.

I am a Gamer... I play games and not consoles. I have a PC and Console on which I game... I like games. End of Story!