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I finally got a chance to play Destiny (for about 6-7hrs)... Most gamers would rate a game on four things, Gameplay, Story(less so for multiplayer focussed) and Visuals and replayability. I played the game and it was very enjoyable and addictive(that's coming from someone who isn't really an FPS fan). The visuals were beautiful and the story, while not deep like Halo or TLOR, is okay. I'm a bit confused if the traveller himself didn't bring about the darkness in the first place.

In addition, I liked Peter Dinklage voice acting as the ghost. The little light is a robot(I think), it isn't supposed to be overly witty and I just don't feel annoyed at all. Maybe people are rating it based on a budget... (edit) Journalists* should review the game simply for what it is rather than what they expected the game to be.  It's a game that bridges divides and invites people who didn't particularly enjoy FPS before, to dive in and play.

This game definitely shouldn't be getting 5/10 - 7/10. As a non-fps fan who played the game for what it is... compared it with what's 'currently' on the market and the replayability/enjoyment it provided.... it's at least a 9/10.

I am a Gamer... I play games and not consoles. I have a PC and Console on which I game... I like games. End of Story!